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Sharing the Power of Our Ecosystem

In today’s world of work, companies and workers are demanding change when it comes to the types of jobs and the work relationships they want to establish. Younger workers favor less traditional roles, with many interested only in contract or freelance work. As older workers retire, companies have to shift their practices to accommodate evolving views of work. The complexities can be staggering.

As these changes take hold, companies sometimes struggle to find ways to find and manage talent. Looking to a third party can be a viable answer, but which workforce solutions provider can truly address your company’s individual needs? And, will that firm be genuinely strategic, not requiring you to use their technologies, pre-defined programs, and suppliers?

At Pipeline, we understand that change is coming rapidly and you need a partner to provide everything from advisory services to full implementation of a strategic workforce solution. We know that companies are looking to their workforce strategy partners for solutions that integrate advanced technologies, data and analytics to increase the quality of candidates, worker retention, and program efficiency.


The leadership at Pipeline has a keen understanding of what companies need, so we continue to build strong partnerships that bring creative, strategic, individualized solutions and services to all of our clients.

Our Solutions Will Take Your Company to the Pinnacle

At Pipeline, we’ve been around the industry long enough to know that your company needs a complete solution that remains flexible, allowing you to make changes based on the many factors that influence your hiring. Our team of experienced, well-respected veterans provides strategies and solutions in MSP, data analytics, vendor management systems (VMS), statement of work (SOW), direct sourcing/recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), independent contractor (IC) compliance, and payrolling.

Our solutions allow every client to optimize its workforce, no matter what the composition. By listening and uncovering specific problems and concerns, we’re then able to create individualized plans that meet your company’s short- and long-term goals. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions at Pipeline.

MSP services are provided by our internal teams, led by experienced program directors and managers. Our teams cover every aspect, including program governance and management, best practice guidance and risk management, procurement and assignment management, VMS system administration, supplier management, reporting and analytics.

We create and manage strategic, discriminating programs that ensure every program runs at optimal levels.

As part of every workforce management solution, the Pipeline team will bring in members of our Workforce Alliance to provide additional solutions and services, as needed.  We believe that our consultative talent acquisition and management ecosystem composed of industry experts sets us apart, bringing our clients uniquely individualized solutions.

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